Boost Your Sexual Energy With Vigora 100

Vigora 100

 It is a common fat and known to all that the world we are living in is ruthless for our health. The environment we are staying in, the food we are consuming, and the stressful life we are living in are harsh for our health. Now our body overall is very badly affected by such issues, but the one thing that is affected the most is the sexual health of males. Yes, you have heard that all right and the biggest issue one faces is erectile dysfunction and a decline in energy while having sexual activity.

If you want to know that what issue is Erectile Dysfunction, then you must know that it is an issue that affects the penis directly. The penis is neither able to erect properly, giving rise to the issue of softer erections nor able to stand up for a longer duration during sexual activity that is premature ejaculation. Due to these issues, the energy level of the person is also low as they are not willing to have sexual activity. Now when the person suffering starts looking for treatment, then they find that the best one is nothing other than tablets. The reason behind this is that they are convenient, easy to use, and shows the results very soon.

Why are the Most Popular Pills to Men?

Now when you know that the pills are the best way through which you can get yourself treated with erectile dysfunction, then the first task you are going to do is search for the best pills available in the market. That is why to help you out, here is the list of best medicines available in the market for erectile dysfunction suffering males.

  • Tadalafil is the first salt that is present in the market, and the best part about it is its time duration for which it is active. The salt is active for around 24-36 hours which makes it a great medicine.
  • The next and the best one that is available in the market is Sildenafil citrate. The results that are provided by this medicine are the best, and the active time is of around 4-5 hours.
  • There are other FDA-approved salts in the market also that are Vardenafil and Avanafil. When other medicines are not available the one can also depend on this medicine. 

Active Ingredients of Vigora 100 mg Tablet

Nowadays, one medicine is really popular in the market named Vigora 100. The Tablet is known for its PDE 5 inhibition activities, due to which it is also known as PDE 5 inhibitor. The main task of the medicine is to provide proper erection to the penis and also maintaining the erection. Now comes the main part that is the active ingredient of the medicine. In the Vigora 100 mg medicine, the active salt is Sildenafil citrate. The medicine, once taken, takes around half an hour to show its action, and its working has been discussed below in detail.

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How does Vigora 100 mg Tablet work?

The working of the medicine is pretty simple, but before you actually know the working, you must know that how in first-hand does erectile dysfunction happen. Due to stress and bad food habits, the body’s blood pressure starts to remain high, and to save the heart from that issue,  PDE gets activated into the body and attaches to blood vessels. This is going to narrow down to blood vessels and control the pressure of blood. However, they are only limited to the upper body near the heart. Still, when the issue of stress increases, the PDE starts attaching to the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis, and from here, the issue of erectile dysfunction starts.

Now the main reason is PDE behind the erectile dysfunction, and here the medicine starts working. When it enters the body, the medicine starts dissolving its salt in the body, which reaches the lower abdominal area near the penis. There the salt is going to react with the PDE and starts its action of blocking the PDE. This is going to bring the flow of blood to the penis back to normal. This means that the erection is going to be better and better.

After that, cGMP gets activated in the body, which is going to make the blood stay in the penis for a very long period of time. Also, it will contract the muscles in the penis, which gives more space for blood to enter the penis hence providing a better erection.

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What are the Dosage instructions for?

The dose of the medicine is just the decision of the physician. But if you listen to what manufacturers have to say about the medicine, then it is just one in a day. But there are a few cases where the situation of the person is not good. That is why they are suggested to take more than one dose in a day. When it comes to the consumption of medicine, then there are a few rules that you must abide by:-

  • The medicine is to be taken with the help of water, and remember that you should never chew or bite it if you want it to work.
  • The medicine can be taken with the help of food and without that also. The thing to remember here is that it always takes light food only if taking.
  • The medicine takes around 30-40 minutes in order to show its action; that is why you must consume the medicine beforehand to get better results while having sexual intercourse.

Precautions and Warning – When to avoid Vigora 100 Pill?

The precautions and warnings that are to be taken care of when you are consuming Vigora 100 mg are:-

  • You must remember to discuss every small and big level of an issue with the physician along with medical history to ensure your safety first.
  • The medicine should never be consumed if you have a heart condition. 
  • If consuming nitrate medicines, then don’t ever consume the medicine.
  • Don’t take alcohol with the medicine as it will increase the side effects of the medicine.
  • You should also not consume marijuana and tobacco with the medicine. 
  • It would help if you never took the chance to drive after you had taken medicine.
  • Always take medicine beforehand if you want to get the best results.

How to buy Vigora online?

How to buy Vigora online

If you want to buy the Vigora 100 mg medicine online, then you will need a prescription. After that, you have to show the prescription, and based on that, you can buy the medicine online. Also, there is an option to make the payment online, making the process hassle-free and enabling you to get better offers.

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