Cenforce 100 is the Best Way of battling Erectile Dysfunction

cenforce 100

When a person has erectile dysfunction, then they have a question in their mind that which medicine should they consume. There are plenty of salts present out there like Sildenafil citrate (Cenforce 100), Vardenafil, Tadalafil, etc., which are known to be a treatment for the issues of erectile dysfunction. All the medicines have their own merits and demerits, which raises the question that which among all of them is going to be the best for the issue.

So, to answer the question that most people have in their mind, it would be best if they choose Sildenafil citrate salt over others. If we talk of a specific medicine, then it should be Cenforce 100 mg. The reason behind this is the balanced amount of salt, which can resolve the issue and give an appropriate result that is going to keep a person get going for a longer period in bed. The medicine details are discussed below, which you should have up in your mind before you make the decision to rely on this medicine.

What happens during the ED problem?

Most of the people who reach to the physicians for the consultation of erectile dysfunction are in a very severe condition. The reason behind this scenario is that most of them are not known aware of erectile dysfunction and what happens in erectile dysfunction? That is why let us discuss the issues that a male body faces when it is suffering from erectile dysfunction:-
  • The first issue that happens in erectile dysfunction is basically softer erections. A person is unable to erect harder, which can be satisfying for them as well as for their partner.
  • The next issue is that one is unable to stand for a longer period in sexual activity. Yes, the issue is known as premature ejaculation, and this is the main reason due to which sexual dissatisfaction increases mostly in female partners.
  • There is one other secret issue that happens in erectile dysfunction, and that is the libido levels. Yes, this is the level of the urge of sex that a person has, and this level drops due to improper erection and ejaculation.

What are erectile dysfunction pills available?

erectile dysfunction pills

As we have discussed above, there are plenty of pills that are available on the market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Some of the best tablets that are available in the market are discussed below.        

1.Cenforce 100 (Sildenafil)

Cenforce 100mg medicine is one of the best sellers, which is chosen by most of the physicians and people also. This is Sildenafil citrate-packed salt, which is falling under the category of PDE type 5 inhibitor class action of the medicine. The medicine has Cenforce 100 mg of Sildenafil which is perfectly balanced and is very easily available online as well as on offline dispensaries with the help of a legitimate prescription. The salt is going to last for 4-5 hours which is good and brings satisfaction back on track.


Best Sildenafil Tablet:

2.Fildena 100 (Sildenafil)

The medicine Fildena 100mg is the same as the one we have discussed above. The salt and the concentration of it present in each pill are the same, which makes them almost the same. The only difference is the company that manufactures the medicines and their prices a bit.


More Fildena Dosage:

3.Vidalista 20 (Tadalafil)

The medicine is different from the Sildenafil-filled medicines discussed above. It is made up of an active ingredient named Tadalafil. The concentration of salt in the medicine is Vidalista 20mg, and the medicine is going to last for around 36 hours. But for some people, this is not appropriate as being erected for such a long period can cause issues also. That is why fewer people prefer this medicine over Sildenafil citrate salt medicines.


Visit More Alternative Pills is Vidalista:


Where To Buy ED Drugs?

We are living in a modern era driven by the internet, and for shopping anything, there are two ways. The first one is traditional to go to the shop Genericmedsusa.com and buy something, and the other one is over the internet which is preferred and beneficial also. The same thing implies to the erectile dysfunction drugs. You should buy the ED drugs only from online medicines, and the reason behind this is discussed below.

  • The medicine that is offered by online platforms is generally of higher quality as they don’t sell local brands for more profits. 
  • You should know that the medicine is available at a cheaper price online as compared to offline without any offer. 
  • There are a few people who are shy and can not discuss their issues in person. Such people can meet professionals on the medicine-selling websites and consult with them about the issue they are facing. 

How To Use Cenforce 100?

Using the medicine is very easy if you have the following few things in your mind. They are:-

  • Having food or not is your choice before consuming the Cenforce 100 mg medicine. However, a suggestion is to take it and only light, fat-free food for best results and performance.
  • You must have seen people breaking, chewing, or doing experiments with medicine for easy consumption. These are the mistakes you should not make. 
  • You should Cenforce 100 medicine with a glass of water by gulping it.
  • The medicine should be taken some time before you want to have sex. This is important for making it work. 


The Cenforce 100 medicine dosage is commonly one in a day, but for people who are suffering from severe and major issues, it is suggested that the medicine dose should be more than one. It can be two at the max, which should be decreased over a period of time. In case you ever miss a dose of the medicine, then it is fine. You don’t need to make up for it, but if you want to, then remember that time of makeup dose should be 12 hours before the real-time medicine consumption at least.

On the other hand, if you have consumed an overdose of Cenforce 100 medicine, then it can be an issue. That is why call out for a physician as soon as you feel like there are some side effects in your body.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ED Treatment

The medicine is known for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction mainly, which is done by taking two major actions in the body.

  • The first one is going to be blocking PDE action in the penile and lower abdomen region. This will happen after few minutes of medicine consumption when salt dissolves and reaches out to the penile region. As it reaches, the region it starts its search for the PDE and attaches to it. This will make the flow of blood to the penis normal, and the erection issue is resolved in this step.
  • The next step is the activation of cGMP in the body. It will contract the smooth muscles of the penis to give more space to blood to enter the penis giving a harder erection. Also, when the person starts the coitus, then it is going to make blood stay for longer in the penis. This means that the premature ejaculation issue is also resolved.

All the issues are not gone permanently but for a small period when the body is under the effect of salt. 

How long does it take for Sildenafil Cenforce 100 to start working?

The medicine takes half an hour to forty minutes in order to show its action. This is also going to happen only when you involve yourself in sexual intimacy and arousing situations after taking medicine. You should do this foreplay, and within half an hour, your penis will be perfectly erected and ready to give you the satisfaction that you and your partner deserve.



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