Erectile Dysfunction- Is It A Curable Issue?


When it comes to erectile dysfunction, then the views of people vary greatly. There are a few people who say that the disease is not curable. They say that till the time a person is going to live, the issue is going to persist with him.  On the other hand, some people have got to say that the issue of ED is totally curable with different methods that are available around. This has created a great dilemma among the minds of people who are suffering from ED.

That is why here is a detailed discussion about impotence, which is going to help you figure out important facts about ED. By the end of this blog, you will come up with a way that is going to work for you in curing your ED. So, let’s get started.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Before starting with the whole curable or incurable nature of erectile dysfunction, first of all, we should discuss what impotence is? Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual organ issue in which a person faces two issues. The first one is when the penis is unable to erect properly during sexual activity, and the other one is premature ejaculation. A person is unable to perform for a longer period of time when they are in bed.

The main thing that happened due to these major issues is most probably sexual dissatisfaction. Due to this, the libido levels of a person also decrease, which means that one is no longer willing to have sex.

Is erectile dysfunction curable permanently?

Now, if we originally come to the question of the discussion about the permanent cure of ED Disorder, then the answer is a big yes. You can easily get over the issue of erectile dysfunction. For this, first of all, one has to figure out what is the reason why they are facing impotence.

Sometimes it is noticeable that the ED can be triggered due to bad habits, schedules, and stress which are the internal reasons for ED. On the other hand, there are some external reasons also due to which a person is suffering from Sexual Dysfunction like heart diseases, overweight, injuries, diabetes, etc. But one should keep in mind that no matter whatever the reason is for Impotency. It can be cured easily.

There are different ways through which we can cure the issue of ED. Here we are discussing some of the best ways which you can choose-out from to get rid of the erectile dysfunction issue. 

Stress Management and Nutritious Diets 

The first and major reason due to which most of the people face an issue is stress and unhealthy lifestyle. That is why you should work on some sort of stress management and take care of your diet and nutrition. With this, your body is going to function properly, and the PDE is released by the body to save from stressed situations. Moreover, if the nourishment is proper, then you will get more power and stamina for sexual activity. This is a slow but long-lasting process.

Oral Treatments 

The next way which is very easy for a human to adopt is an oral treatment. There are plenty of medicines available in the market which can be used to get rid of the issue of erectile dysfunction. Some of the most common salts are Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. These salts can be easily available and work very furiously and effectively. 

But you have to understand the fact that the treatment which you will get from these oral medications is temporary. Till the time a person is under the effect of the medicine, he is going to notice the results. After some time, the result vanishes. The common work of the medicine is to reach out to the PDE that is activated in the body and stop it from performing the task of narrowing the blood vessels carrying blood to the penis.

With the help of this penis will start getting efficient blood for an erection. Now a cGMP names material also gets activated in the body, which is going to help the blood stay in the penis for a longer period of 4-5 hours to around 36 hours which means you can have some good sex and bring back the sexual satisfaction. If you want to buy these medicines, then you have to first get a prescription from the physician and then approach any offline or online store that is selling the medicine and delivering it to your area.

Here Is Some Oral Medications That’s Treat Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Cenforce 100
  2. Fildena 100
  3. Vidalista 20
  4. Vidalista 60

Penis Pumps 

The penis pump is a very effective technique to let ED leave your body for a few hours. Yes, this is also not a permanent solution to ED, but for a smaller period, it is highly effective and has no side effects on the body like oral medications. But the catch here is that you have to learn the technique of using this pump.

It is a hollow cylindrical tube with a pump fitted in. All you need to do is fit the penis in the tube and then start the pump. The pump is going to suck the blood from the body to your penis with an extra force which will start causing an erection. After some time, when you feel that you are properly erected, you have to place a penis tension ring at the end of the penis where it is attached to the body tightly. This is going to help the blood stay in the penis. Now, it’s time to remove the pump and have some good sex. But you also need a prescription from a doctor to buy it, and they can suggest to you which pump is going to suit you the best.


This method is a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, but it includes surgery and placing some implants on the sides of the penis. Taking implants, then they are some bending and inflatable rods which are designed and sterilized according to our body’s situation. The material is malleable, which keeps the penis firms but flexible for having proper sex and performing various positions.

This method has the highest success rate as compared to other treatments and is going to provide you better control on erection which gives better satisfaction. The caution one needs to take is to choose the best doctor for surgery and don’t get the implants in case of urinary tract infections. 


There are different physiological issues also due to which impotence happens. That is why it is suggested to you that you can take up some counseling also for getting rid of impotence. This is also suggested if you have any sort of relationship problem, then counseling can work the best.


It is noticed that sometimes, erectile dysfunction can also happen due to being overweight also. That is why it is a suggestion to you that you should work out in such conditions to get over the issue of erectile dysfunction. 

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

How do doctors treat erectile dysfunction?

If you go to the doctor with the issues of erectile dysfunction then are going to suggest you three treatment of the issue:-


  • The first one is to start taking medicines that fall under the category of PDE type 5 inhibitors. 

  • The next one is using the penis pump, but only if you have knowledge of how to operate it, otherwise you will end up hurting yourself.

  • The last is getting an implant which surely requires plenty of discussion and check-ups about whether you are fine with getting the implants or not.

Is there a quick fix?

The quick fixes to the issue of ED – Impotency are medicines and penile pumps, which will take around 30 minutes to show their actions. This time may also differ according to the type of body and level of issue.

Reasons responsible for the ED issue

These are the major issues that are responsible for the cause of erectile dysfunction. 


  • The first one is stress. When a person is under stress, then the body releases PDE. This is going to guard the body against any major issue. But when stress increases, it also starts attaching to the penile veins, which trigger the ED and increases with time.

  • Due to obesity also ED happens because in that condition, stamina is less, and the person can not perform well. 

  • There are a few heat-related issues due to which also a person is going to face the issue of ED. 

  • Diabetes can also be a reason due to which ED is triggered in the body. 

  • If you are consuming alcohol or tobacco for a longer period of time, then also erectile dysfunction can happen. This happens when you abuse the substance.

  • Sleeping disorders can also give you a reason for erectile dysfunction. 

  • If you have pelvic area issues, then you can also suffer from Impotence.

  • If you are suffering from the issue of low testosterone levels in your body, then also there are chances that you may suffer from ED Impotence. 



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