How to avoid erectile dysfunction on steroids

avoid erectile dysfunction on steroids

Erectile dysfunction  is a problem where men find it difficult to attain or maintain an erection,  and this inability has become a common cause nowadays.  And to list out the exact root cause for this problem is challenging.  Because it is uncertain to determine at what age men have erectile dysfunction, men have recently undergone this problem at an early age.

But on an important note, you must not confuse your occasional erection problems like erectile dysfunction because it is common for guys to experience this scenario sometimes. That might be probably because of stress,  but if this scenario continues to be persistent and impacts your sexual relationship with your partner, seeking immediate medical help is the only option.

The chances of erectile dysfunction problems get higher in older men, but it is inescapable.  And in most cases, it is relatively easy to get treated, usually with medication. Moreover, there are also multiple preventive options that men cannot fore to reduce their chances of affecting by erectile dysfunction

• Don't Use Anabolic Steroids.

Anabolic Steroids

This one should be an easy thing, but anabolic steroids are really dangerous for erectile functioning.  Because steroids cant trigger infertility, lower the sperm count,  and can really screw up a person’s natural testosterone levels up. 


By the time the steroid interrupts the body’s normal hormonal center resulting in low testosterone, which may further cause erectile dysfunction.  It is studied that it covers up to 3 to 12 months for most men to recover their lost sperm count after getting off steroids, but the entire damage reason solely depends on how much of the drug was consumed by the user and how long. You might not have an idea that feeling your body with additional testosterone can build up muscles that hurt your erection.  You may be likely to experience other side effects symptoms like baldness, shrunken testicles.

• Keep a Healthy Weight:

Healthy WeightThere is more than one reason why you have to maintain a healthy weight,  and the foremost reason is to have the proper erectile functioning.  Maintaining a healthy body weight and losing obesity is ultimately important for overall erectile health and cardio fitness. 

It is a known fact that the penis is a vascular organ that requires sufficient blood flow to work well.  But if you fail to control your body weight, it will lead to a heart problem which impacts the blood flow over time and cause damages to the bloodstream leading to erectile dysfunction.  Moreover, diabetes is also closely related to being obese or overweight, leading to nerve damage in the penis.  So it is mandatory to have a healthy diet and maintain your body healthily.

• Exercise:

ExerciseAdd exercise to your daily schedule because it has proven a good option to keep your sex life happy and healthy.   If you are already maintaining a healthy weight doing exercise frequently can further improve your sexual performance.  It helps your blood vessels and heart stay healthy,  lower your stress,  maintain your weight properly, and in general, it just makes you feel relaxed and good.

Some studies have shown that men who perform regular exercise have less possibility of developing erectile dysfunction compared to those who fail to do. Do not make your exercise difficult; try even a 30-minute walk every day could lessen your chance of having erectile dysfunction.  Moreover, exercising also improves your libido and your entire mood, promoting a satisfying sex life.

• Eat Right:

Eat RightNo doubt, a healthy diet is greatly associated with maintaining a healthy weight.  Because erectile dysfunction is often associated with heart disease and men who are stressed about erectile dysfunction must keenly focus on a good diet that keeps their heart-healthy,  as the circulatory system plays a major role in erectile functioning when you follow a healthy date, it automatically a good thing for your erection. 

The foremost thing you have to do is cut down the high cholesterol level foods because when cholesterol levels build up in your blood vessels,  it may make it narrow, which can greatly interfere with the blood flow, making a man difficult to attain or maintain an erection.  So try to avoid full-fat dairy,  red meat, and fried foods.  

Add more fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, and fish to your food chart. It is a smart choice that can greatly pay off in your bedroom. Moreover, if you have a  high cholesterol level and are confused about choosing a way to lower it, ask your doctor to change your diet or give suitable medication.

• Get Sleep:

Get SleepSleep schedule can also greatly influence erectile dysfunction, and till today, professionals couldn’t discover exactly why they are linked.  But poor sleeping schedule sleep may have a negative impact on erection beyond simply not desiring to have sex. Older men with mild erectile dysfunction should practice sex during the daytime when they feel rested.  Because when they are stressed-free and less depressed, It may help them to perform well.

• Avoid Stress:

Avoid StressStress is also a major concern linked with erectile dysfunction problems as it seriously impacts your sex life. The stress problem arises due to work or relationship problems,  and lifestyle changes are not an exception; all these things can greatly promote erectile dysfunction. 

Moreover, your libido can take a hit where you can end up with erectile dysfunction problems.  Even just a stress factor can affect men at any age. It might be young or old.  If you are suspected of erectile dysfunction, you get stress and anxiety, which must be cut down. 

Moreover, many young men with erectile dysfunction turn on treatments like yoga, Massage, meditation to treat erectile dysfunction. They believe that this condition is likely to occur because of a psychological condition rather than a physical problem.  It only depends on at what age it occurs in younger men. If you keep your stress under control, you will see the benefits in bed.

• Watch Your Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohl ConsumptionAlcohol consumption can impact sexual performance; It is fine; you may have a few sips of alcohol to set a whole mood. But indulging in it continuously makes it challenging for you to finish the act.  Drinking alcohol in heavier amounts can interfere with an erection, but the effects are usually temporary.  But moderately drinking it does not create any permanent damage. Moreover, alcohol consumption can lead to nerve damage and liver problems, triggering erectile dysfunction. So using alcohol occasionally is not an issue, but making it a habit might be dangerous.

• Stop Smoking:

Stop SmokingIf you have a smoking habit, quit right now because smoking is dangerous for erectile health.  As per studies, men who smoke are twice as likely to experience erection issues than men who don’t. 

 Cigarette smoking can damage your body’s minute blood vessels, and those are the same components that are likely to be involved in promoting and maintaining erections. And if you smoke, it narrows your blood vessels that significantly affect your sex life.  Moreover, the researchers have discovered that men who quit smoking will experience firm erections and develop erections sooner.

• Consider Low-T:

Consider Low-TLow testosterone has been the major reason for erectile dysfunction problems lately.  And most of these studies demonstrate that it is the root cause for erectile dysfunction and responds well to supplementation.  But not all erectile issues or testosterone-related. 

Moreover, low testosterone can also be associated with having a problem with erections, but you can probably have normal testosterone and still have issues with directions.  But you must be attentive and observe these signs that you may experience if your testosterone gets low.  The signs include decreased muscle mass, decreased body hair growth,  loss of interest in sex, and fatigue.

Moreover,  it is discovered that testosterone level gradually begins to diminish around the age of 30 and continues to drop as you age.  If the level gets too low, it can impact your ability to attain an erection and lower your sex drive.  So it is advisable to have a blood test that will show you if you have low testosterone, and once you are aware of it, there are many ways to treat it.

• Avoid Risky Sex:

Avoid Risky SexIt is true to the fact that you can break your penis although it is not a bone but do not forget it comprises two robust fibers that can tear if the penis is bent unexpectedly.  It is most likely to happen in a position where your partner is on top of you or behind your partner. 

Moreover, it is more likely to happen if your erection is on the weaker side. Penis fracture may cause you extreme pain and lead to bruising.  Moreover, it can also lead to blemishing, which may hinder the penis from filling the blood in a typical way. 

The blemishing can change the shape and size of your erection and lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore unlike any other concern about erectile functioning, a penis breakage is also a definite reason for you to get medical attention. So always get in touch with a doctor if you face any such issue.

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