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Sildigra 250mg- A miraculous medicine bringing back the joy of many people

If we think of the greatest pleasures that a person has in their life, having a fruitful sexual relationship is the best. But due to destroyed life cycles, this joy is not present anymore in the life of many people, and the biggest reason behind is the erectile dysfunction. It is a disorder in which the male organ is not able to erect properly, and one is unable to last longer.

If you are also suffering from the same issues and want to get rid of them as soon as possible, then you should take the help of Sildigra 250mg.

About Sildigra 250mg

Sildigra 250mg is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor class of medicine. The typical salt that is present in the medicine is Sildenafil citrate, and the amount is 250 mg. This salt completes two works in the body. The first one is that it decreases the amount of PDE5 in the blood vessels that is restricting the flow of blood. And the other is that it gives rise to the levels of cGMP.

This leads to the relaxation of the penile muscles and lets the blood veins expand in the penis. Due to this, more blood flows into the penile venous system, and the level of erection is very great. Moreover, it also doesn’t allow the blood to come out of the penis soon, which makes you last longer so that you can satisfy your and your partner’s need.

Sildigra 250mg: Uses

The Sildigra 250mg medicine is typically used to get over the issues of erectile dysfunction that are faced by most males around the globe. This medicine is considered among the group of the best medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Sildigra 250mg: Dosage

The typical dose of the medicine is one per day, but it would be best if you consult your doctor as they know that what is best for you and how does the medicine work. After the doctor prescribes the medicine, you should stick to the time that is asked by them and should never take extra than what they ask you to. The only case when there is a chance of pill prescription is when a person is suffering from severe erectile dysfunction.

Missed dose

There is absolutely no effect on the body of your missed dose. You can also talk about the dose when you remember it, but the only condition is the time gap for the next dose must be sufficient. If not, then you should skip that particular dose and move to the next one.


The overdose of the medicine can be a bit serious situation sometimes, and that totally depends on how your body reacts. If your body can settle down the effect, then it is fine, but in case you see some severe effects like painful erections and severe levels of nausea and headache, then you should consult your physician, and they will try some other ways to decrease the effect of the medicine.

How to take Sildigra 250mg?

To take the Sildigra 250mg medicine, one should take a glass of water and directly gulp the medicine. There is a mistake that is made by many people that they chew the tablet, which is not the right way. Due to this, the medicine’s effect may decrease. Some people ask that they should take it with or without food.

For such people, the answer is that they should take it anyway as it is not a matter of concern. The only concern is that medicine should be taken at least an hour before the commencement of intercourse.

Can I buy Sildigra 250mg drug online?

Yes, for sure, a person can buy Sildigra 250mg online. Moreover, there are some perceived benefits of buying the medicine online which are discussed as follows.

  •         The quality of medicine is pure, and they will ensure that there is a sufficient time gap in the expiry of the medicine.
  •         There are better discount coupons available online, which will help people in saving their money.
  •         People face some privacy issues when they buy medicine offline, and some can not accumulate the courage to buy one on their own. That is why they should come online, and with secure transactions and strict privacy rules, they should proceed with the process of buying. The website will never disclose their identity, and the medicine will be delivered secretly to their place.


As precautionary measures, some steps that are required to be taken by the patients are as follows:-

  •         All the fatty food that is a part of daily lifestyle is required to be cut down with the consumption of this medicine. The fats always decrease the functioning of this medicine and will never let the penis erect properly.
  •         Along with alcohol, this medicine consumption is not considered a safe option. It will lead to side effects at severe extents.
  •         This medicine is for the consumption of men that to only for those who have crossed the age of 18 and is less than 65.
  •         Cigarette smoking and drug consumption are harmful to the body as well as affect the functioning of this medicine also. That is why one needs to give up on that to see the pure effects of the medicine.


The warnings that a person needs to seriously consider while taking Sildigra 250 mg are:-

  •         If a person is consuming any kind of nitrogen product, then they have to stop the product or nitrogen medicine or leave the idea of consumption of the medicine. The reason behind this is the interaction of both the compounds can be dangerous.
  •         People who have recently gone through cardiovascular surgeries must not consume this medicine.
  •         The interaction of this medicine is also no considered great with the fruits like grapes and their juices.

Sildigra 250 mg Side Effects

There are side effects of the medicine, which is written on the paperwork published by the manufacturer with the medicine with a warning that if a person takes this medicine in a higher dose, then here are some of the side effects that they can notice. Some of them are:-

  •         A headache is the most common side effect which can happen if the timings of the medicine are not set properly.
  •         Dizziness and a bit of nausea can be felt due to Sildigra 250 mg.
  •         It is possible that your face may look flushed out due to medicine consumption.
  •         Some sort of issue with the digestive system is also noticed as a side effect of this medicine.

All these side effects will be shown due to two reasons that are either due to overdosage or misbalance of the time gap between the consumption of two dosage.

Where to Buy Sildigra 250 mg

Any customer who is looking to consume Sildigra 250 mg should note one thing in advance that they will need a sure prescription from the doctor if they want to buy. Without a proper prescription, this medicine is not available. Now there can be two possible ways.

  •         In a first way, a person should visit the physician, and then according to the dose prescribed by the doctor, they can buy the medicine from the local dispensary.
  •         On the other way, one can use the description of the doctor on online websites or can consult the team of physicians available on the online websites and then find a reliable website that is selling medicines and order them from them. It is the more preferred way to order Sildigra 250 mg.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


RSM Enterprises


10 tablets in 1 strip


250 mg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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