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Tastylia 10mg- Medicine That Can Become The Biggest Helper Of Mankind

  • From time to time, there are many issues that arise in the world and pose issues to humankind. From some severe diseases that can be dangerous to the life of the person to some small issues that can actually affect the whole mindset of the person. One such issue that most people face is related to sexual issues. It has been noticed that couples around the world are suffering from the issue of sexual dissatisfaction. They are not happy in the sexual life that they are living.
  • When we researched for the reasons that can be behind this, then we have found that it is the male dysfunction that is leading to this sexual issue. Yes, male around the world faces an issue in which they are neither able to erect properly during their sexual interaction and when they are having sex, then they ejaculate very early in the process. Both of these issues are combined known as erectile dysfunction, and this is a major problem that most of the male around the world are facing. This is due to the stress and the lifestyle that people are currently living.
  • One way in which this all can be treated is by living a healthy life, and the second is by taking the help of allopathic medicine, i.e., Tastylia 10 mg. The salt with which the medicine is powered is Tadalafil, and the amount present in one tablet is not more than 10 mg. This salt is known as a PDE5 inhibitor which makes it a vasodilator medicine. The medicine is going to act as the way through which all the issues of the male and improves the sexual life of the person. That is why if you are interested in knowing the medicine’s detail, then you must go through below mentioned details.

Uses of Tastylia 10mg

When you are going to read in detail about the medicine, then you will find that erectile dysfunction is the main issue for which people use this medicine. But when research is carried forward, then it is found that there are a few other uses of the medicine also. They are discussed below in detail.

  • BPH that is the Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, is an issue that is related to the prostate gland. In this, the prostate gland starts swallowing and gives pain to the body. The medicine is going to help a person get over this issue.
  • The second issue that is treated with this medicine is libido levels. They are level of the urge to have sex with people.
  • Pulmonary Hypertension is an issue for which this medicine is never created, but it treats the issue well. Still, very few doctors suggest this medicine.

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How does Tastylia 10mg works?

  • To understand that how medicine works, you have to understand that how this happens. When the person is in a stressed situation, then a material named PDE is released from the body. This attaches to the blood vessels and narrows them down. That is why the vein that carries blood to the penis also shrinks. Due to this, all these issues happen.
  • Now when you consume the medicine, then you are going to notice one thing that salt attaches to the PDE. This is going to block the PDE and let the blood flow in the penis freely. Also, the medicine is very helpful in helping the penis to stay for a longer period in the sexual game with the help of cGMP. This makes the medicine working for the overall issues of Erectile Dysfunction.

 Is it OK to take Tastylia 10mg every day?

  • It is normal to consume the medicine every day, and all you need to do is take care is that what is the dosage of the person that one should take care of.

How should Tastylia 10mg be used?

You must use the medicine Tastylia 10 mg normally with the following things in mind:-

  • The medicine that you are going to consume should be with water. 
  • You must always take medicine as a whole. If you break, chew, or bite the medicine, then you will be the one in the issue.
  • Food consumption is your choice. You can take medicine with food or without and the best thing would be to take light food.
  • Always take medicine an hour ago in case of better functionality of the medicine. This much time should be given to the salt for its better working.


  • It would help if you remembered that the dose of medicine is decided by the physician. Normally it is one as suggested by most of the physicians and the manufacturers. But one has to consider the physician’s advice also. Some people suffering from a longer period of time may need more than one dose in a day.


  • The overdose of the medicine is very strong and can be harmful to your body. That is why contact the physician as soon as possible and don’t have the mindset that taking two medicine is going to be more effective. 

Missed Dose

  • Missing medicine dose is more than normal as some people who don’t want to have sex do not take it. But if they feel its requirement later on, then they should follow the time rule. It can be taken if more than 12 hours are there for the next dose or should be left.

What are the Side effects of Tastylia 10mg?

There are some side effects of medicine that every person consuming the medicine should know. 

  • You will notice headaches, nausea, a bit of dizziness, and drowsiness due to this medicine consumption. 
  • Pain in the stomach will feel like a normal affair, but sometimes it may increase to either diarrhea or vomiting; that is why take water properly.
  • The eyes of a person may change its vision, and your rose may feel like running.
  • Your muscles may get swallowed and feel like in pain. 
  • Your sleeping schedule will get distorted, and you are going to cause restlessness.

What Tastylia 10mg Precautions need to take?

  • Always consult the physician in case of ED that what all allergies you possess in your body. 
  • Always store the medicine in proper situations like a damp and cool place. 
  • Take only one medicine at a time, and remember to take medicine at least one hour before the sexual activity.
  • It would help if you never drove when you are consuming the medicine as vision changes.

Drug Interactions

The medicine has only a few interactions that are discussed below in detail. 

  • Alcohol is the very first interaction of this medicine which should be avoided when you are taking Tastylia 10 mg. 
  • Cigarette and marijuana smoking should also be banned with the medicine. 
  • Nitrate-based drugs are the ones that you must not take with this medicine. Take two at a time. 
  • People with heart and kidney diseases should not take this medicine. 


How should I take buy Tastylia 10mg?

  • Take medicine normally with light food so that the fats can not suppress the working of the tadalafil salt.

What is Tastylia 10mg used for?

  • Medicine is used to suppressing PDE and, in return, provides a gift to couples of their sexual satisfaction.

How Long Does It Take for Tastylia 10mg Online?

  • The medicine takes an hour only to show its work. That is why you should take the prior medicine keeping in mind the time that salt takes to work. 

What is Tastylia 10mg used to treat?

  • There are a few issues treated withTtastylia 10 mg is Erectile Dysfunction, Benign Pulmonary Hyperplasia, libido levels, and pulmonary Hypertension.

When should I take Tastylia 10mg?

  • Always take medicine with light food and a glassful of water and don’t break it. This is the best way to take this medicine. 

What is Tastylia 10mg?

  • The medicine Tastylia 10 mg is a PDE 5 inhibitor, the task of which is vasodilation. It is going to dilate those veins which carry blood to the penis.

Can I Tastylia 10mg over the counter?

  • No, it would help if you had a prescription for buying Tastylia 10 mg. If you directly approach the pharmacy, then they will say you a no for taking this medicine.

How much does Tastylia 10mg cost?

  • The medicine is a generic version of Tastylia consisting of medicine that costs only a few dollars for a strip of 10 tablets. When you increase the number of tablets, then cost will decrease.

Active Ingredient



Erectile Dysfunction


Healing Pharma


10 Films (Strips) in a box


10 mg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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