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Tastylia 20-The One-Stop Medicine For Treatment Of Male Sexual Disorders

Male sexual health issues have increased manifolds if we look at the latest stats, which say that more than 60% of the male are suffering from the issues of erectile dysfunction. The reasons for the issue are pretty clear that is stress and the lifestyle that most people are living. Due to this, the dissatisfaction in the sexual life keeps increasing; that is why most people are looking for a cure through which they can get over their issues of erectile dysfunction.

The name of the medicine that is suitable for such people is Tastylia 20. This is a prescription-based medicine, the details of which are discussed below.

About Tastylia 20

The medicine Tastylia 20 belongs to the PDE 5 class action of medicine that has the salt Tadalafil present in it. Around 20 mg of salt is packed in one tablet of medicine which is more than enough to come over the issues of softer erections and also the premature ejaculations. The working of the medicine is also clear; as mentioned in the name, it blocks the working of the PDE. It is a protein-based inhibitor that attaches to the blood vessels and then blocks the flow of blood to the penis.

But as you consume the medicine, you will notice that the blood flow will become normal, and you will get the same level of erection. Along with that, it also helps in the activation of material named cGMP, which helps in maintaining the erection for a longer period of time.

 What is Tastylia 20 used to treat?

As we have discussed above, Tastylia 20 is used to treat erectile dysfunction mainly. For this issue, only the medicine is mostly prescribed. But there are a few other issues also for which one can depend on this medicine. They are listed below.

  • The medicine helps in the improvement of the libido level, which drops due to the erectile dysfunction of other issues also.
  • The medicine also helps out in curing the issues that are posed due to Benign prostate hyperplasia and bring back the prostate gland to its normal size.
  • The medicine also helps in improving the issues of pulmonary hypertension, but very less doctors prescribe this medicine.


The dosage of Tastylia 20 is generally kept as one a day and taken one hour before sexual activity. But few exceptional cases also exist in this case. Such people are prescribed two-dose doses at the max in a day till they don’t show any improvement. After that, they are brought back to one dose that is recommended to be taken at the same time of the day.

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Missed dose

The missed dose of the medicine is fine as it is not going to affect your medicine cycle. But if you want to make up for Tastylia 20, you have to keep a time gap of 12 hours at least. If the time is less, then you must never consume the medicine.


When overdosed with Tastylia 20, you should always contact your physician if you feel uneasiness in your body. If not, then you can perform normal activities and never consume the overdose again.

How to take Tastylia 20?

To take medicine Tastylia 20, you need no special rules. It is consumed orally simply with the help of water, like other common medicines. The only thing is that you are not allowed to is to break or chew the medicine as it decreases the overall efficiency. One thing that the person has to choose is that they want to take medicine with food or without depending on their personal choices, but the time frame should always be kept between medicine and sex as it is the time taken by the medicine to perform its task.

Can I buy this drug online?

The medicine is easily available online, and it is prescribed that seeing the current scenario, everyone should buy Tastylia 20 online only. The reasons behind it are

  • The medicine that is available online is of better quality. The reason behind this is that the land-based pharmacies are selling local-based medicines to increase their profits.
  • The price that is offered by the online websites is very competitive and is not provided by any land-based pharmacies around.
  • There are some people who have faced issues with their privacy. They can choose online websites and also a consultant online who ensures 100% privacy.
  • The coronavirus that is spreading around is demoing distancing for breaking the chain. That is why you should visit the online website to buy regular supplies of Tastylia 20.
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The precautionary measures that are to be followed when you are consuming Tastylia 20 are mentioned below.

  • You should always discuss your issue in detail with the physician. Along with that, you need to tell them about your past medical history in detail.
  • Storage of medicine is something very important. Always store according to the direction in a cool and dark place that is dry.
  • The time period between sexual activity and medicine consumption should be maintained as one hour always.


The warning signs that are published with the packaging of the Tastylia 20 are here. You should read them out and follow them always.

  • The medicine must be kept away from ladies and children below 18 years. This can be harmful to them.
  • If you are consuming alcohol, then it’s time to give it up. Alcohol is the reason behind the slow working of medicine and also dizziness and drowsiness side effects in the body.
  • Cigarettes and marijuana are also not allowed to the person who is consuming medicine Tastylia 20.
  • You should also not consume the medicine along with grapefruit.

Tastylia 20 Tablet Side Effects

When a person is new to the medicine, then their body shows a few side effects opposing the medicine for once. A few of them are discussed below in detail.

  • There are a few people who have reported that their body is restless due to the medicine. Also, their sleep cycle is disturbed to a huge extent.
  • People sometimes also notice the issue of a longer period of erections. After some time, it may turn painful also.
  • The stomach of the person consuming medicine may remain upset. Due to this man, people may notice diarrhea issues.
  • Headache along with nausea is the most reported side effect by people. If nausea increases, then it may also lead to vomiting.
  • The vision of the person changes due to the medicine, due to which they are advised not to drive or use heavy machinery.
  • Heartburn is also noticed by some people consuming the medicine.
  • Stuffiness of the nose is also happening to a few people consuming the medicine.


Is this drug is safe?

Taking the medicine Tastylia 20, if you are a normal person having no health disorders except erectile dysfunction, then the medicine is totally safe. If there is any medical history of yours, then you may need to get the situation checked with the physician.

Is Tastylia 20 be used for the rest of your living?

A person is allowed to take Tastylia 20 for a time period until they are willing to have a sexual life. If in case they want to keep having sex for the rest of their living, they can also consume the medicine.

How do I take Tastylia 20?

Tastylia 20 is a normal oral consumption medicine that is taken with the help of a glass of water. Also, the structure of medicine should be kept intact while consuming it one hour before the sexual activity.

Is Tastylia 20 safe to take daily?

The medicine Tastylia 20 is a safe medicine that is prescribed by the doctor. But there are a few conditions for which the medicine is marked as unsafe, and you have to learn about them through your physician. One of the basic ones is heart-related issues.

Can I get Tastylia 20 online?

The medicine is easily procurable online through a number of online websites that are formed. The only task you need to do is get a prescription from the doctor beforehand; you get yourself checked. After uploading of prescription of Tastylia 20, you can upload the prescription on the website and get the medicine.

Active Ingredient



Erectile Dysfunction


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