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Vega 100mg tablets belong to the medicine group called-phosphodiesterase type 5 with salt composition sildenafil citrate (100mg). Primarily it is functional for treating erectile dysfunction (erection of the penis) in men. Moreover, it is also advised in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension.

About Vega 100mg

Its intake relaxes blood vessels, especially in and around the penile area, which aids in smooth sexual intercourse. The conditions of erectile dysfunction (erection of the penis) in men may arise for various reasons. It could be due to some physical conditions, depression, trauma, and psychological disturbances.

Though it is physically dis-functioning of the penis, it can lead to severe consequences such as preventing a healthy sexual life, pregnancy in women due to lack of proper coitus, and dissatisfaction due to unfulfilled sexual cravings.

Vega 100mg sildenafil: Uses

Vega 100mg lubricates sexual intercourse by relaxing blood vessels in and around the penile region. It is only applicable for relaxing physical conditions temporarily- means do not erode medical conditions permanently. Moreover, it does not accelerate sexual cravings; instead assists in the proper functioning of the penis by keeping it erect.

Vega 100mg sildenafil: Dosage

The medicine can be used a maximum of three times a day following a predetermined time within a difference of 4-6hours. However, do not take it twice a day if you are under medication conditions. In such a scenario, visit your doctor.

Missed dose:

Suppose you miss your dose at the routine time of the medicine.  Make swift moves to use the dose as a filler instantly. Otherwise, do not overdose yourself by taking it twice within a shorter period for the sake of filling up the missing. 


Never overdose yourself.  Even if you miss your regular dose, fill the gap immediately or not take it just before the next intake.

What is the right procedure to intake Vega 100mg sildenafil?

The supreme thing above all is to hear what your doctor says. Walk the words of your physician as they are the right guides for you. According to the prescription, intake the pills at a fixed time and regularly. People with erectile dysfunction should take medicine ideally before an hour of having sex. However, a range of periods varies from half an hour to four hours for satisfactory results.

Most importantly, do not grind or chew; take it as a whole. Avoid taking it with fat-rich food. Take it after a meal or empty stomach, whichever suits you but at a regular time spot.

Can I buy Vega 100 mg sildenafil drug online?

Yes, the medicine can be bought from online platforms too. Just visits the online store and get the tablets.


Have a look at the ‘must to consider’ preconditions before beginning with Vega 100mg dosage. 

Alcohol – Intake of Vega 100mg and alcohol simultaneously reduce blood pressure, which is the opposite of the medicine function. Hence avoid alcohol consumption while on its medication routine.

Driving – Avoid driving while you take the dose of Vega 100mg as its usage causes drowsiness and dizziness, which could be fatal if neglected.

Allergies – People prone to allergies should not use them. If needed, consult your physician.

Kidney – Though the medication of Vega 100 mg is harmless for kidney problems. But it is advised to refer to your doctor ahead of following any self-prescription.

Liver – This is a matter of top priority to consult your physician if you are diagnosed with liver problems, especially severe liver issues.

At the time of pregnancy, this drug’s consumption is not well-defined as not concrete research and information.  Similarly, breastfeeding mothers also should not use it unless your doctor suggests. 


  •       Remember not to use Vega 100mg if you have been drugged with nitrates (medicine against chest pain or angina) lately. It may result in some severe side-effects.
  •       Remember not to take Vega 100mg pills if you suffered a heart attack in the preceding three months or had a heart stroke or failure in the last six months.  
  •       If the erection of the penis continues for more than four hours even after coitus, it raises the alarm. Hence visit your doctor and get the required prescription.
  •       The usage of Vega 100mg is prohibited for people having some retina-related issues like color blindness. Because these doses of it may worsen the status, and you may end up losing your sight entirely. And if needed, do not intake without a physician’s consultation.
  •       Vega 100mg consumption may cause some allergies and more side effects if taken with grapefruit juice. Swallow the medicine with a glass of normal water.

Vega 100mg Side Effects

Your body may show some signs of side-effects after intaking Vega 100mg. Do not panic, as most of these side-effects need no medical treatment as they are temporary. They adjust gradually as your body adapts to the routine and medicine. However, you must visit a doctor if the discomfort continues for a longer time.

You may come across that the consumer may have shown some signs of discomfort. Those may range from feeling heavy headache, the adverse shift in the vision, muscle cramps, digestive issues, or feeling like vomiting. In this situation, calm down, nothing to be worried about.

Where can we buy Vega 100mg from?

There are several portals, websites, and online pharmacy shops to buy these medicines from Generic Meds USA. Moreover, you can also purchase prescriptions from the nearby pharmacy drug stores too.


  1. How long is Vega 100mg effective in the body?

The effectiveness of Vega 100mg differs from individual to individual depending upon their biological body composition. But in normal circumstances, it takes half an hour to an hour to be activated for better results. However, the time may elongate if you have taken the pill with fat-rich food. Fat-rich food slows down the mechanism of the medicine to start working effectively. The drug remains activated and works efficiently for a maximum period of four hours.  

  1. Can we do self-medication of Vega100mg?

No, never follow self-medication. Take Vega 100mg only when prescribed by your physician. Sometimes even you feel the need for it, but your conditions do not support the pills’ intake, leading to harmful and adverse side-effects on your body.

  1. How often can we intake Vega 100mg?

The ideal dose of Vega 100mg is once a day, not more than that. In case you need it. Subsequently, the medicine can be used a maximum of three times a day under a predetermined time within a difference of 4-6hours. Even then, if the results are not satisfactory and the penis does not erect appropriately during sexual intercourse, visit your physician; otherwise, there can be some severe and severe side-effects.

Moreover, do not take it twice a day if you are under medication conditions. By chance, if you desire to intake twice or have matching problems, do visit your doctor immediately. 

  1. When should I take the pills for the best results?

Though the best results are dependent on how fast your body reacts to the pills and how supportive your diet is, people with premature ejaculation should take medicine ideally before an hour of having sex. Remember not to grind or chew the pill and consume it as a whole. Avoid taking it with fat-rich food. Take it after a meal or empty stomach, whichever suits you but at a regular time spot. 

  1. Who can take Vega 100mg?

The men having erectile dysfunction can use Vega 100 Mg for boosting erection of their penis at the time of sexual intercourse. Moreover, women and children (more than one year of age) can intake it if they suffer from hypertension. But in both situations, the prescription of the doctor is mandatory before beginning with the medication. On the contrary, for people with kidney and liver diseases, under the influence of alcohol and while driving, it is advised not to take Vega 100mg without a doctor’s consultation.

Pregnant women and the ones breastfeeding their off-springs do not directly use Vega 100mg. If the urge or need shows up, look forwards to visit your physician. Such advice is given as there is not much concrete research and information available regarding it. 

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


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