What Are the Blood Pressure Medications That Do Cause ED?

What Are the Blood Pressure Medications That Do Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Talking about high blood pressure, it is more common than sexual issues. Having more than usual blood pressure is not only bad for your sexual health but can also pose a danger for many other issues related to health. However, sometimes, medications that you may be consuming for sexual issue treatment can also lead to hypertension. And it may be vice-versa as well. So, if you have a combination of sexual issues and hypertension, then you may want medications that do not interfere with each other as such. It may not reduce the chances of not getting proper erections, however, the risk can be reduced by many times.

The sexual side effects of hypertension medications

Blood pressure in the body and the flow of blood is quintessential elements for developing an erection. If there is any issue with the flow of blood, its immediate effect can be witnessed in the arteries. Usually, arteries tend to constrict at the time. Thus, the overall effect is that a person’s erections will be majorly affected. The drugs that keep in check erectile dysfunction of a person are said to improve the blood flow of a person. So, it is expected that medications for erectile dysfunction will dilate the arteries of a person. Therefore, the working mechanism of erectile dysfunction medication is the same as medications for hypotension. Thus, if you are on meds for erectile dysfunction as well as blood pressure it can make your blood pressure drastically. Thus, a person needs to be careful of dizziness, paleness, and other signs.

For ED Solution Use Alternative ED Tablets:

Medicines with fewer side effects on sexual function

We may not be able to generalize that all medications for hypotension will cause Erectile Dysfunction. It is not like that. However, there are a few medications that have such potential. It is advisable to restrict the consumption of such medications. The following list contains erectile dysfunction prescriptions that will not cause it.

(ACE) Inhibitors 

A primary function of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors is to inhibit them. By increasing bradykinin levels, a vasodilator is produced. By blocking angiotensin II, the body is less prone to hypertension. The enzyme is prevented from even being created by ACE inhibitors.

Calcium Channel Blockers 

Our bodies cannot produce calcium on their own. Insufficient calcium is taken from bones when a person receives insufficient calcium through food. Upon entering the body, calcium percolates through small pores, eventually entering the heart and arteries and causing them to contract. The blood vessels within the heart and arteries become narrower and blood pressure grows as a result of this. 


When angiotensin II is released into the bloodstream, it narrows and constricts the blood vessels. ARBs counter its effects on the body by blocking its conversion, whereas ACE inhibitors seek to prevent it. 


Often alpha-blockers are used in combination with other remedies for treating high blood pressure. However, they cannot be considered as the sole treatment for the issue. The natural stress hormone norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter and a stress hormone. By constricting smaller arteries and veins, stress chemically connects the body and increases blood pressure.  When taken with norepinephrine, beta-blockers inhibit the body’s ability to react by open and relax blood vessels in response to the stimulant. Older men with an enlarged prostate may also benefit from Alpha-blockers in order to improve the flow of urine.

Erectile dysfunction pills including raised blood pressure

Sexual function or sex drive may be affected by certain high blood pressure medications.

  • Diuretics (water pills). It is difficult to achieve an erection when taking diuretics because they reduce forceful blood flow to the penis. Depletion of zinc, necessary for sex hormone testosterone production, can also be caused by them.
  • The beta-blockers. The common constituents of these medications are beta-blockers. Some other ingredients can be propranolol. 

The right dosage of medication can reduce your chances of experiencing unwanted side effects, such as sexual difficulties. You can ask your doctor about other medications that are less likely to cause side effects if those fail.

Popular Medicine For ED Solutions:

High Blood Pressure Medications Not Expected to Begin ED

In the event of side effects related to blood pressure medicine and sexual behavior, talk to your doctor. The risks of sexual dysfunction and sex drive are lower with some medications to treat high blood pressure. In some cases, switching to a more recent beta-blocker can improve symptoms.

Considering your doctor’s suggestion, you will be able to get the dosage of medication altered. Your blood pressure may need to be monitored frequently at home during this period to ensure that it remains within healthy limits.

Please discuss any over-the-counter or herbal medications you are taking with your doctor. Supplements and medications, as well as a combination of drugs, can sometimes result in sexual dysfunction.

Tell your doctor the truth

It is not necessary to give up a fulfilling sexual life because of high blood pressure. You can overcome any sexual challenges by discussing your treatment with your doctor openly and honestly. If your doctor asks you a question, be prepared to answer:

  • Are you taking any medications?
  • Has your partner changed lately?
  • Do you feel low?
  • Recently, have you been stressed out?

Keep a healthful lifestyle

Keep a healthful lifestyle

Your sex life may improve if you live a healthy lifestyle. Here are amazing good lifestyle options you can do:

  • Nicotine and smoking are forbidden.
  • You should consume fresh foods.
  • You should restrict the quantity of liquor you use.
  • Salt should be reduced in your diet.
  • Regularly exercise.
  • Get in shape by losing weight.

You might also feel more attractive and confident when you have a healthier, fitter body, which could improve your sex life.

The key to satisfying sex is setting the scene

A person’s feelings towards their partner and where they have sex may influence the way they react sexually. When both of you are relaxed, encourage sex. Get some physical intimacy by getting a massage or taking a warm bath.

The sexual activities you enjoy most can be shared with each other. In order to succeed in sexual satisfaction, you may need open communication. 

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