What Is The Latest Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction?

latest treatment for erectile dysfunction

If you are looking for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, then today, you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the treatments that are currently available in the market for ED and also some of the potential future treatments that hold a great future scope. But before that, let us get our facts on erectile dysfunction straight. It is a disorder in which the main affected organ is the male penis.

There are two issues that the penis faces potentially in this issue, and that are softer erection and premature ejaculation. A softer erection means that the penis, when is in its hard stage, is not able to erect properly. The erection gets softer within a span of time, and eventually, it does not feel like it is erected.The next is premature ejaculation, in which a person is unable to hold up its erection for a longer period during sex. Due to these two issues, the main issue that occurs is sexual dissatisfaction among both partners and also low libido levels.

If you think that how this erectile dysfunction happens, then there can be various reasons for that. It can be due to any physical damage due to an accident, or heart issues, or maybe due to fluctuating blood pressure levels. But if you look at the reason that is most prominent, then you will find that the lifestyle that a person is living is the main reason.

Yes, the food we eat, the schedules we follow, and obviously, the stress is the main reason behind erectile dysfunction. That is why more and more males today are suffering from this issue. But don’t you worry. There are many treatment options and without doing any further ado, let’s start discussing them.

latest treatment for erectile dysfunction

Potential future treatments

You must be amazed to know that despite the treatments available in the market, scientists are continuously working on various methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. Out of many, there are a few which have the best chance of delivering the best results to the people that are listed below. So, let’s get started. 

• Platelet-rich plasma

In this therapy, the plasma of the blood has been replaced with plasma that is rich in platelets. The platelets are responsible for the growth of new blood vessels. But when the clinical trials of this treatment are going on, then it is noticed that there are some major side effects that a person notices when they are treated.

• Vascular stent

Most of you must have heard of the vascular stent, which is placed in blood vessels when the heart is unable to pump properly due to blockage in veins. The same treatment can be done with the penile veins also. The stent placed in veins shows some good results to the people.

• Stem cell therapy

The first treatment on which the work is going on in stem cell therapy. In this, the stem cells are injected into the penis with the help of an assorted injection. This treatment is currently in its first stage of trial and has been showing some great results in the animal and the first phase of human testing.

• Penile transplant

The penile transplant is a very rare treat, but people are getting this treatment done. In this, the penis and the scrotum are replaced with another one. This is providing very great results to the people out there who have got it done. 

• Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy is the one in which a sound wave is transferred to the penis. This is going to remove the penis blockage and let the blood flow in the penis, which is important for getting an erection and also maintaining it. If we look at the trial results of the treatment, then it is positive and has got a great future prospect.

latest treatment for erectile dysfunction

Currently available treatments

Now when you have learned about the treatments that are going to be in the market in nearby future. Now you must have in mind that what are the already available treatments in the market. Let’s get started.


The first change that will be recommended to you if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction is that you make a change in your lifestyle. For this, it is suggested to you that you change your diet, start doing exercise, and live a life that is stress-free. This is going to make your ED go away slowly and slowly, but the results are permanent.

Oral medications

This is the most used treatment as it is easy and really easily accessible as you get the medicine easily. The medicine available in the market is Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, or even Dapoxetine. These are medicines that are going to give you the best results that too in a very short span but you should know that it is going to stay for a few hours only. This is temporary but very effective, which brings back the sexual fun of life.

More Oral Medicine For ED: 

• Injections

The injections are a very effective and temporary method that is taken by the person itself. One has to take the injection in the veins in the penis, and they are going to see the results. The best part about this treatment is that they have very few side effects, but one needs to get expertise in placing the injection.

• Alprostadil suppositories or cream

This is a cream-based treatment in which you have to apply some cream in order to get proper results and get rid of the erectile dysfunction temporarily. But the hard part about the cream application is that it is not applied like normal tropical creams. You have to apply it with the help of a device inside your penis which can be really painful.

• Testosterone replacement

This is a treatment only for those people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to lower testosterone levels. In this, the testosterone already presents in the body is replaced with higher levels. This is going to provide some great results to the people, but the range of treatment is really limited.

• Penis pump

The penis pump is a great and totally organic way for those who are looking forward to getting rid of ED temporarily. In this, one has to place a hollow tube on their penis, which is powered by a motor. Once you start the motor, then you are going to notice that the blood is sucked out in your penis. When you get erected, then you are required to place a ring in the roots of your penis and tighten it so that the erection stays for longer.

• Surgery

The surgery is the method in which some inflatable implants are placed in your penis, and also, the arteries that are carrying blood to your penis are rejuvenated. Now all you need to do is, with the help of a pump, inflate those implants, and you will get along and a broad penis with a very nice blood flow.

• Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling means visiting a counselor and consult all the issues related to stress and sexual life with your doctor. This method is suggested to those who are basically suffering from ED due to stress issues. They are going to provide you with methods with the help of which your situation can get better over time and also the ED issues improve. 

• External penile prosthesis

These are devices that are not going to bring changes to your penis but will provide support externally, like penile sleeves or extenders. They are a good idea and are very affordable. You can use this with your permanent and organic treatment like exercising to get results from day one and saving your body from any side effects and surgery.

How to get treatment?

By now, if you have made your mind about the treatment that which is one that you want, then you should consult your physician. Just discuss your detailed issue and the treatment you are willing to get. They are going to access your situation and also the treatment to see whether it is safe or not. If they find it safe for you, then they are going to suggest it to you.


These are the treatments that have been available in the market from time immemorial to the ones that are brought up by technological advancements. Now, it’s totally your choice that which is the one you are willing to get and how to get it done as soon as possible to get results and bring back the joys of sex to your life. 


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